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Our vision is to continue to create an environment conducive to effective learning and holistic growing for our students: 

  1. Spiritual environment: An environment where students are encouraged to reflect on the goodness and purpose of God.
  2. Respectful environment: An environment where uniqueness (culture, tradition, values, and so on) among peers is appreciated.       
  3. Caring environment: An environment where students feel secure to comfortably express and expose their minds.
  4. Blended learning environment: An environment where electronic based contents and presentations (ppt and video) become a vital part of many lessons.
  5. Rich environment: An environment where students' work samples are honored and revealed throughout the classroom walls.
  6. Empowered environment: An environment where students believe that they can accomplish as long as they put their effort and mind to whatever task is placed before them.


Our mission is to produce extra-ordinary students who are equipped to utilize their talents and gifts to shine Jesus’ light in the dark corners of India as children of God and proud citizens of India.


“Be faithful to God and people, be honest and holy and be entrusted and useful.”


St. Paul High School commits to cultivating a P.R.O.U.D. community by adhering to the following action plans:

  • Providing top notch quality educators and education
  • Raising world class leaders with sound Christian values and worldview.
  • Operating various “before and after school programs” to supplement and enhance students’ learning experience.
  • Unveiling students’ unique talents and gifts by implementing differentiated learning instructional model.
  • Developing sound characters and virtues among students 

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." - George Washington Carver

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