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Class pupil leaders for each class will be nominated / elected at the beginning of each year. The class pupil leader works as a bridge between the pupil and the staffs. The class pupil leaderĀ  will assist the principal and staff in their relation within the class such as the collecting and returning of written exercises, conveying of notices and helping in general to maintain the tone and the discipline of the college. Their fellow students should given them respect and obedience due to them and strive to help them in their duties.


The generally accepted purpose of the Student Government includes the following:

  1. To establish sound relationship among people, staff and parents.
  2. To build one another spiritually, physically, mentally.
  3. To have clear future world view.
  4. To facilitate campus communication.

The Student Government is responsible for maintaining order, promoting active co-operation among all members of the college community, interest and participation in college activities, to be faithful to God and people, increasing the sense of individual responsibility, fostering intelligence, personal integrity and loyalty and preparing the students to take their proper share in serving the nation and the world.

The college authorities have the right to dissolve an unsatisfactory and inefficient Student Government or change individual office bearers who do not conform to college rules or in any way prove unworthy of the office they hold.


The Vice-President and office bearers of the various associations will jointly plan their meetings in the beginning of each term and there will be one Association meeting once in the month. The Association awards prizes at the end of the year to the best speakers, elocutionists and others who marvel in their respective fields.

Reputed speakers will be invited to deliver lecture during the year to prepare the students for public life. Students are advised to play an active part in the Programme.


The members of the Staff will be Vice-Presidents of the Associations. Secretaries will be elected yearly from among the students. The Principal will be the Ex-Officio President of all the Associations.



"Through him you believe in God, who raised him from the dead and glorified him, and so your faith and hope are in God." - 1Peter 1:21

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