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We praise God for endowing us with the privilege of launching St. Paul Pre-University College within the community of IEC ministries. 


St. Paul PUC is hardly an ordinary college, since its aim is to produce not only excellent academia but also ones who are equipped to shine the love of Jesus in the dark corners of this society.  Students who graduate from the St. Paul PUC will enter into the top notch universities throughout India with a humble heart to develop and transform various communities for God’s glory and honor. 

This was exactly what the president (Dr. Y. John) and principal (Dr. M. Gloria) of IEC Trust ministries and St. Paul High School had in mind when they founded the ministries in 1989, that is to raise up God fearing men and women who will serve as channels of blessing to those individuals who are distraught in India.


St. Paul Pre-University College will endeavor to nurture its students to grow in knowledge and wisdom to affect positives changes in the present society with sound Christian values and principles.  It will also encourage students to live life worthy of the calling they have received from God as astute disciples of Jesus Christ.


Daily, the students at St. Paul PUC declare the following visions audibly:

  1. They will endeavor to be proud and productive citizens of India.
  2. They will dream the glorious dream, strive for excellence, and acquire the greatest for God’s glory and for their Master, Lord Jesus Christ.

To this end, the faculty and staff at St. Paul PUC press on faithfully and obediently until our Lord Jesus returns, to mould and chisel the students at St. Paul PUC to become useful and useable men and women of God.  All praises and glory to our God who loves and cares for His children.


St. Paul PUC commits to cultivating a P.R.O.U.D. community by adhering to the following action plans:

Providing top notch quality educators and education
Raising world class leaders with sound Christian values and worldview.
Operating various “before and after school programs” to supplement and enhance students’ learning experience.
Unveiling students’ unique talents and gifts by implementing differentiated learning instructional model.
Developing sound characters and virtues among students 



"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak." - Matthew 26:41

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