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With its salubrious clime, the Garden City of India, threatening to become a concrete city and the fort of IT and High-Tech and Bio-tech, Bangalore provides housing and quarters for several Christian Organizations and a number of theological Colleges. ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY is located in the heart of the metropolitan city of Bangalore, with its teeming millions multi-religious, multi-ethnic, multi- linguistic. It enjoys a serene and quiet atmosphere ideally suitable for theological education, meditation and prayer. Head quarters of the Bible Society of India, Student Christian Movement, Campus Crusade for Christ- India, Scripture Gift Mission and so forth have been functioning here for several decades. The Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A., Christian Colleges, High Schools, Christian Hospitals, Hostels, Orphanages, etc., make rich contributions to the community and country. Also in this City are a number of Theological Colleges- Roman Catholic, Protestant- Ecumenical and Evangelical.

ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY has also had the blessing of increased number of admissions every year, and the introduction of higher Degrees like D. Min. (Doctor of Ministry), which have all necessitated in seeking more spacious, adequate buildings and space for increasing needs.



ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY, with nearly 30,000 volumes and a good number of Journals and periodicals subscribed regularly, is building a well equipped and usable library. In the collection, breadth of coverage, representatives of leading theologies and back up literature of the different disciplines has been our chief concern and characteristics of our collection. Every year, we are making additions to the library by purchasing the latest publications. As might be expected, we are particularly strong in our selection of evangelical books.



Bangalore is rapidly becoming the high-tech IT City of India, and computer training has become a “must” in all schools and colleges in the city. ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY is in no way lagging behind, and with more than 50 computers in possession, the seminary is able to adequately train the College and Seminary students in the essentials of computer benefits. Computer classes for students¬† is essential, and qualified computer teachers and programmers will provide necessary coaching for the students to attain skills and efficiency needed in operating computers.


Asia Evangelical College & Seminary offers praise music classes.

The following instruments are provided during the lesson time:
1. Guitar
2. Electric Guitar
3. Keyboard (piano)

For more details about the music classes, click here.


In case of minor illness, medicine will be provided by ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY. Anyone who cannot be treated on campus will be referred to one of the hospitals in the city at his or her own expense. No emergency grants for medical expenses are available.



"God made the earth by His power; He established the world by His wisdom and by His understanding and skill stretched out the heavens." - Jeremiah 10: 12

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