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ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY endeavors to create an environment that is conducive for students’ spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. In order to accomplish this essential task, the seminary holds morning devotions, chapel times, Sunday worship services, fasting prayers, Sunday School ministries, outreach ministry, Christmas caroling evangelism and other spiritual activities to encourage students to grow spiritually. It also hosts sports events, recreational picnics, and inter-seminary fellowships to foster unity in and around Bangalore City.



  1. Devotional Life
  2. Library
  3. Gym Facility
  4. Computer Training
  5. Internet Access
  6. Praise Music Classes
  7. Daily News
  8. Campus Book Store
  9. Student Health
  10. Behavioral Standards
  11. Student Council



A person's greatest masterpiece is mainly produced through the most painful time of suffering and difficulty of one's life.

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