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More than two decades ago, as early as 1977, the Lord gave to two dedicated servants of God in Seoul, Korea, the vision of adopting India as their mother country and to found such Christian institutions as were deemed necessary for equipping and training young men and women for the propagation of the Gospel message.  In very truth it could be claimed that the founding of these institutions were made plausible by the experience gained during the five years in North Africa and later starting the M.T.C (Missionary Training Centre) in Bombay in 1984 for church leadership and equipping reliable, dedicated Christians for evangelism  and church planting.  As such establishing the Asia Evangelical College & Seminary, St. Paul School, and the School of Mission and Evangelism since March 1988 in Bangalore was the result of all previous experiences.

That the founding of ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY was in the fulfillment of the purposes of our Lord God and Jesus Christ by the leading of the Holy Spirit is validated by the fact that such an institution is needed not only for providing training from a biblical perspective, but in these times of persecution and hostilities, to promote the kingdom of God, and to prepare ministers and evangelists who will proclaim the Gospel of Christ without fear or lethargy. ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY marks the realization of the vision of the founders.


From the very beginning, the aim of ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY was to establish a complete College & Seminary curriculum and campus, with full time scholarly Faculty from the Evangelical background and an adequate Library.  The institution has received answers to its prayer and his cherished longing of having its own buildings materialized in no time.  The institution  has had the good fortune of moving out of rented premises, where the classes were held for the first two batches of students to the present site, with spacious buildings for administration, classes, library, dining hall, dormitories for men and women and chapel for worship services, and conducive study atmosphere and to foster fellowship and mutual encouragement. 

Being a co-educational residential institution, the highest standards of Christian moral character is expected from everyone associated with ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY community. 


The Five Spirits make clear the aims and objectives of founding the ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY.  In keeping with the Five Spirits all members of the ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY community faculty, students, administrators and staff share in the responsibility of protecting and promoting the Christian faith.  The Five Spirits are in very truth the light for the whole community which dispels the darkness of ungodliness and ignorance and enables all to walk in the Christian path of peace and love.


ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY is justifiably proud and thankful to the Lord, that during its short span of existence, it has been immensely blessed by God to train and equip nearly 1200 students from all over India and neighbouring countries, such as Nepal, Myanmar and other places.

It is our never ceasing endeavour to make ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY the best evangelical theological College & Seminary in the whole of Asia.



If you are able to deal successfully with the challenges of life in India, you can do likewise in any other part of the world.

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