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In response to a vision given by God in 1970s to two missionaries, Rev. Dr. Y. John Chung and Mrs. Gloria Chung who had been in various cities in India for a number of years (in 1984 Bombay, and later in Madras, Salem, Cochin, Calcutta and other places), they were led to found and register the India Evangelical Church Trust in Bangalore in 1990. 


In the year 1989, they had also established the IEBC College. Before this, they started MTC in Bombay in 1984, and a Christian School in Salem in 1983.  Later on convinced that they were called not only to minister to the people of India, though that was primary and in particular, they realized that the College should be a living instrument for preparing committed and dedicated young men and women from neighboring countries also, to be pastors, evangelists and church planters, and leaders in Christian institutions for the task of evangelization of the whole of Asia.  As such, the IEBC College was renamed ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY


The primary aim and goal of establishing the ASIA EVANGELICAL COLLEGE & SEMINARY was and continues to be that along with the pursuit of academic excellence in theological disciplines the equipping and training of the students for the ministry called for spiritual nurture and growth towards Christ likeness.



Affliction is good medicine for the sinful nature because it develops character and purifies in righteousness; this is especially true for Christians.

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