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The spiritual life of the students is nurtured by prayer, Bible reading, meditation and Sunday worship services. Life for the students begins in the early dawn of the day, with early morning watch at 5:30 AM. Spiritual life is strengthened by more informal gatherings for prayer and praise at various hours of the day. Speakers at the devotional services include the President and Faculty, Students, Pastors, and Missionaries from abroad.


Asia Evangelical College & Seminary also offers praise music classes. AECS believes that praise music classes will help students effectively prepare for various praise and worship ministries in India and neighboring countries. For this reason, the AECS students are given opportunities to learn and develop skills and interest in praise music.

The class is conducted for an hour every day. Qualified praise music teachers (Pastor Muang & others) provide meaningful classes. Moreover, music hand books and other necessary coaching materials are also prepared for the students to enhance their gifts and talents.

The following instruments are provided during the lesson time:

  1. Guitar
  2. Electric Guitar
  3. Keyboard (piano)

The objectives for providing praise music classes:

  1. To help students develop skills for praise worship leading
  2. To help students increase passion and appreciation for praise music
  3. To produce praise and worship leaders
  4. To cultivate teachers who will in turn teach music elements to other students




A person's greatest masterpiece is mainly produced through the most painful time of suffering and difficulty of one's life.

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